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Cymbal Polish
Drumstick Bag
Drum Heads
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Snare Snappys (Wire)
Survival Kit-Drummers
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Stands                                                                                           Drumstick Bag Snappys
Percussion Plus 
Cymbal Stands. 
All are 3 Section 
700C Economy Single Braced 
List $36.95 
Weaver's $21.95
900C Economy 
Double Braced 
List $47.95 Weaver's $35.95
950C Economy 
2X braced,  Tilter 
List $49.95 
Weaver's $34.95
1000C 1X wide base.
List $59.95  Weaver's $41.95
3000C 2X, wide base. 
List $69.95  Weaver's $61.95
5000C 2X, wide base, memory lock. 
List $94.95 Weaver's $67.95
Percussion Plus Boom Arm Cymbal Stands.  All are 3 Section Stands. 
900B Economy Double Braced 
List $57.95 
Weaver's $36.50
1000B Wide Angle legs, off-set boom arm, folding cymbal tilter. Single Brace 
List $65.95 
Weaver's $48.95
3000B double braced, fixed weight on longer 
boom arm. 
List $79.95 
Weaver's $59.95
5000MB Mini boom arm, double braced w/memory Lock List $104.95 
Weaver's $75.95
5000B heavy duty, 2X braced, memory lock, fixed weight. 
List $114.95 
Weaver's $79.95


Percussion Plus Hi Hat 2 Section Chain Drive Stands. 
700H direct pull, fast quiet action economy stand. 
List $57.95 
Weaver's $38.95
900H economy double braced.  List $69.95 
Weaver's $55.95
1000H with memory lock & adjustable spring tension List $94.95 
Weaver's $69.95
3000H double braced, memory lock, adj. tension. 
List $104.95 
Weaver's $75.00
5000H Dual Enclosed spring mechanism, cast pedal board, memory lock, Pro clutch, rubber boots. List $144.95 
Weaver's $105.95


Percussion Plus 2 section Snare Stands. 

700S economy light weight List $36.95 
Weaver's $26.95
900S economy double braced 
List $49.95 
Weaver's $35.95
1000S Off-set basket & triple arm tension. 
List $65.95 
Weaver's $48.95
3000S Off-set basket & double braced legs. 
List $74.95 
Weaver's $51.95
5000SP Oversized basket, ball-socket adjustment, double braced legs. 
List $94.95 
Weaver's $72.95


Pro-mark DSB4 drumstick bag with logo on front.  Has 3 interior pouches puls velcr tab from pocket.  String Ties.  This is the way to carry your sticks so pairs stay togeather. 

List $23.95 

Weaver's $16.95


Percussion Plus Snare Snappys are made of high quality chromed coiled steeled wire.  Butt plates provide even tension and contact with head for better response. 

Model 3352 12 strand for 14" snare durm 
Price $8.50

Model 3356 16 strand for 14" snare drum. 
Price $9.00

Model 3357 16 strand for 15" snare drum. 
Not stocked. $9.00

Model 3361 20 strand for 14" snare drum 
Price $9.50

Model 3362 20 strand for 15" snare drum 
Not Stocked  $9.50

Model 3395 42 strand rock & roll snappy for 14" snare drum. 
Price $16.95


 Top                                    Drumheads                                                         Drumsticks
Remo WeatherKing drum heads.  For Sizes, Models, and Prices Click Here Remo Pinstripe drum heads.  For Sizes, Models, and Prices Click Here Remo Ebony drum heads.  For Sizes, Models, and Prices Click Here Drum Sticks.  For more information on brands, sizes and prices Click Here

Econo Cymbals 
Info. & Prices Click Here
Sabian Cymbals
Info. & Prices Click Here

Top                 Drum Keys Silencers Cowbell Brushes

                No. 3732 $ 1.99

                  No. 3733 $ 4.95


You can play your drumset without making a whole lot of noise with SoundOff Set Silencers!  Available in drum sizes 6"-24" and for cymbals and hi- 
hats. Excellant stick responce. 
SOHAT Hi- Hat 13-15" 
List $15.99 
Ours $12.99
SOCYM Cymbals 16-22 List $9.99 
Ours 8.50
SOCCH 3 piece Cymbal Pak 
List $29.95 
Ours $24.95
SO14 14" Drum/Snare List $12.99 
Ours $10.95
SO2346 4 Piece Drums 

Black Beauty Cowbell Model LP204A great for Rock or Latin Sounds. 
List $44.00 
Weaver's $33.95

Cowbell Holder UPCBHS (Rod) 
(Drum Lug) 
List $27.00 
Weaver's $19.95

Vic Firth Heritage VFHB telescoping wire brush light & fast for a traditional sound and feel.  Smooth rubber handle & special triangular metal pull rod for max sound versatitily on the cymbals. 
List $36.00 
Weaver's $27.50

LP Nylon Light Brushes LPCCL
List $25.00 
Weaver's $19.50


Vic Firth VFBJR Jazz Rake with thin retractable flexible brushes for fusion jazz.  List $37.00 
Weaver's $29.95

Vic Firth VFBRR Rock Rake with retractable stiffer, thicker bristles that priduce brillant sounds for rock, heavy metal.  List $37.00 Weaver's$29.95

LP Nylon Heavy Brushes model LPCCH
List $25.00 Weaver's $20.95


 Top                              Practice Pads                                                             O Rings

RF6GM   6" single pad-Gum w/8mm mount    List $34.99           Weaver's $31.95
RF6GD    6" 2 side Pad Gum/Neo                     List $39.99          Weaver's$35.95
RF12G    12" single Pad Gum                            List $49.99          Weaver's$45.95
RF12B    12" 2 side Pad Gum /Brush               List $39.95          Weaver's$35.95
RF12D    12" 2 side Pad Gum/Neo                   List $59.95          Weaver's$52.95

Remo RT000800   8" Practice Pad                  List $28.75          Weaver's $21.95

Remo RT0008ST
8" Practice Pad W/Stand                                    List $86.75          Weaver's$65.95

Remo Tom/Snare O Ring 
Set for tone control. 

Model RO023600
for Toms 10"-12"-13"-16" 
Price $13.25

Model RO001400
for Snare-12-"13"-14" 
Price $9.00

Top   Drum Lyres                                       Cymbal Polish Survival Kit
DEG Snare Drum Lyre model DEGHC240 attaches to the tension screw of any snare drum with a reinforces aluminum flange.  Spring holds windows for easy flipping.  Supplied with 5 windows. $12.00 DEG Bass Drum Lyre model DEGHC245 attaches to the tension screw of Bass Drum.  The only marching Bass Drum Lyre available.  Spring holds windows for easy flipping.  Supplied with 5 windows. $12.95 ProMark CP10 Cymbal Polish makes old cymbals look like new.  Cleans, polishes, and improves the sound as accumulated dust and dirt are removed.  4 Oz. bottle.  $13.95 

Weaver's $10.95

Zildjian Drummer's Survival Kit PO800 contains assortment of spare parts, felt washer, fubber sleeves, snare cords, etc.  Sometimes a must if you want to keep on drummin' 
Weaver's $8.95

Drum Pedals                                           Drum Thrones
Percussion Plus Drum Pedals
900P (Not Shown) Economy 
single spring pedal. 
$44.95 Weaver's $34.95

1000P double spring, chain-drive, adjustable stroke,& tension. 
$47.95 Weaver's $36.95

3000P Fast, durable. adjustable stroke length, chain-drive, heavy construction , smooth action. $72.95 Weaver's $49.95

5000P Heavy-Duty w/cast floorboard, chain-drive, adjustable stroke & tension, smooth action.  $77.95 

Weaver's $54.95
6000P Ultra Heavy Duty, single spring, chain drive, metal spurs. 
$124.95 Weaver's $99.95

8000P Double bass chain drive with center shaft for use on single bass drum. Fully Adjustable. $324.95 Weaver's $244.95

Percussion Plus Drum Thrones
Model 300T-Small Junior Throne. $49.95 
Weaver's $36.95

Model 900T tripod throne, double braced, 2" padded seat. $57.95 Weaver's$44.95

Model 1000T Tripod throne, double braced 2 1/4" padded seat.  $79.95 
Weaver's $59.95


Model 5000T Hydraulic-NO LONGER AVAILABLE