Students Name__________________________________(Parent or Guardian)_______________________________


Phone_______________________ Work Phone________________________ Cell Phone_______________________

Students age__________Students Level___________________Instrument lessons are for_______________________

Your lesson time is on (Day)__________________________________ At (Time)_____________________________

Starting on (Date)________________________Your teachers name is ______________________________________

Newly scheduled lessons must be paid for when they are scheduled.  Lessons are to be paid for by the month - on or
before the 1st. lesson of that month.  When paid monthly lessons are $22.00 each.  If the months lessons are not paid on
or before the 1st. lesson of that month, a late charge of $ 5.00 per week will be added to that months bill.  If you will
not be here for the 1st. lesson of the month, please call us so you are not inadvertently removed from the lesson
schedule.  Students will not be charged for holidays when the store is closed.  Holidays are New Years Day, Memorial
Day (Observed), 4th. of July,  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  The store will close at 3:00 PM New
Years Eve and Christmas Eve.  When a teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be given unless a substitute teacher is
provided.  If there is a substitute teacher, they will give the lesson and no make-up lesson will be required.

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, makeup lessons will be given if possible, at the teachers convenience, but only if
a lesson is cancelled by 8:00AM the day of the lesson.  All lessons must be made up within 60 days of the lesson
that was cancelled or the makeup lesson will be forfeited.  There will be no refunds or credits for lessons, only
makeup lessons if proper notice is given.  If a student misses the 1st. lessons in a given month they will still be charged
for the entire month.  If a student doesn't wish to schedule for an entire month they may schedule individual lessons at
$28.00 each for some lessons that month.  Lessons not scheduled, of course, have no makeups, and cancelations work
the same as when the whole month is scheduled.  There are no refunds if a months lessons are not completed, or for
makeup lessons that are not taken.

You may call Weaver's Music 24 hours a day to cancel lessons.  Messages may be left on the answering machine
when we are closed.  The answering machine will date and time stamp the message.  If there is no answer when you
call, please call back a little later. There are 3 phone lines and the answering machine is probably answering another line.
If two lessons are missed in a row without a cancellation notice, even if it is too late for a makeup, the student will be
removed from the teacher's lesson schedule.  Lessons may be paid for by cash, debit card, check, Master Card, Visa, or
Discover.  I acknowledge that I have been informed of and understand Weaver's Music lesson policy.



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