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Guitar Cases & Gig Bags
Guitar Strings
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Guitar Cases & Gig Bags
Chipboard case for 1/2 or 3/4 size Acoustic Guitar.

Weaver's:  $32

Chipboard case for Classical or Dread- naught size Acoustic Guitar.  Also one for Electric Guitar.
Weaver's:  $35
Plush lined Chipboard
case for Classical or
Dreadnaught size
Acoustic Guitar.

Weaver's:  $55

Deluxe Hardshell locking case for Classical or
Dreadnaught size
Acoustic Guitar.

Weaver's: $95 to $119

Padded Gig Bag
for Acoustic or
Electric or Bass Guitar.  Has
storage pocket.
Weaver's:  $21.95 to $42.00
Extra Thick Padded
"Pro" Gig Bag for Acoustic, Electric, or Bass Guitar W/2 storage pockets.

Weaver's:  $59 to $79

Plush lined Polyester Hard Case for Electric or Bass Guitar.

Weaver's:  $95

Plush lined Locking Molded Case for Electric or Bass Guitar.

Weaver's:  $129

Deluxe Plush lined
Locking Hard Case for
Electric or Bass Guitar.

Weaver's:  $149

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Dr. Lixx DLPP Guitar Pitch-pipe.  Plastic .

List -   $4.95

Price:  $3.95

Kratt Super Series Guitar Pitchpipe.  Nickle Tubes with Bronze Reeds set in white plastic holder for easy note selection.  Model SN10.

List -        $24.00

Weaver's: $12.95

QT11 Quick Tune Guitar/Bass Tuner-LED display.  Built-in microphone and in-out jacks. Auto/Direct Tuning.  The QT11 from Qwik Tune has all the basic essentials you need in a portable guitar or bass tuner. The "electric pitchpipe" plays the note for you, or you can tune each individual string, while the display tells you which string you are tuning and whether you are flat or sharp. The built-in mic is highly sensitive, and the speedy metering will get you tuned quickly and easily. Batteries included.  Enlarge
Price:  $19.95
GA1 Korg Ultra-compact LCD Needle- Style Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner.  High accuracy and superb functionality have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and quinta-flat tuning, the GA-1 tuner packs basic functionality and convenient
tuning functions into ultra-compact bodies.  Batteries-Included.

For More Details & To Enlarge 

List Price              $24.95

Weaver's Price:  $21    .95

Chromatic Tuners
CA1  Korg Ultra-compact, LCD Needle-Style Chromatic Tuners features 
high accuracy and superb functionality. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and marks for pure major thirds and minor thirds, the CA-1 has basic functionality and convenient tuning functions.

For More Details & To Enlarge
List - $32.95  Weaver's Price:  $29.95

Guitar Strings
Guitar Strings
Weaver' Music stocks the following brands:
-Acoustic Guitar:  D'Addario, Elixir, Martin, Martin Marquis
-Acoustic Phosphor Bronze:  Kaman Adams
-Acoustic 12 String:  Elixir, Martin
-Acoustic Silk/Steel (6 & 12 String): Martin
-Acoustic Classic (Nylon):  D'Addaro. Martin
-Electric:  D'Addario, Dean Markley, Ellixir, Ernie Ball, Fender, Gibson
-Bass Guitar:  4 String-Fender, Indiana, Roto Sound, Ernie Ball
                     5 String-Fender, Indiana, Ernie Ball
         For More Information & Prices on Strings Click Here
            Or Call Weaver's Music at 847-741-8418


Frustrated because you can't hook up all your gear.  Try one of these adapters!  They leave you with a better state of mind!

You'll find most of the more commonly used ones in stock at Weaver's Music, and if we don't have it we'll order it for you!