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Qwik Time QT3
-Musical referance markings
-Earphone Jack
-Battery Indicator
-More Speed Settings (over 200 others have 39)
-Distinctive Click Sound
-9 Volt Battery not included.

Price:  $19.95

Wittner QT7
40 to 250 bpm-
"Bouncing Ball" visual teaches rhythm.  Choose 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4 time Accent Beat.
A440  tuning tone-true wood block click.  Headphone Jack-Tilt up stand. 2 AAA Batteries included.

Price:  $24.95

Wittner MT50 with
2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 time 
Accent beat 
A440Hz tuning tone 
40 250bpm 
True Wood block click 
Bouncing Ball visual 
Headphone jack 
Tilt back stand 
Battery included. 

Price $29.95
Weaver's $26.95

The Wittner Taktell Piccolo is only 5 1/2" high for easy transport.  Precision performance with windup power source.  No Bell.  Full tempo range, high impact plastic housing.
831MB Brn. Mah.
831I Ivory
835 LB Lt. Brown
836BK Black

List  $67.50
Weaver's $61.00

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Music Stands & Music Stand Lights
Stageline MS1 Music Stands are 2 Stand Sections and come in assorted colors.  All priced at Weaver's $14.95
MS2N Nickel
MS2BK Black
MS2DBL Dk.Blue
MS2GN Met.Grn.
MS2PUR Purple
MS2WH White

Hamilton KB2 3 Section Stand-allows
smaller fold up for
Reg. $30.00
Weaver's $22.95

Carrying Bags are shown below.


Manhasset Symphony Stand-Model No. M48S1.  Ind. Boxed.  Used by more schools than all other music stands combined. Longest Lasting, Most Durable Stand Made.  The standard desk is 20" wide x 12 1/2" high.

List $74.25
Weaver's $59.95


Manhasset Fourscore 5101 stand measures 32" wide- enough to hold 4 pages of music.  Ideal for duos, conductors, church choir directors, etc.
List $91.35
Weaver's $72.50


Left Picture above shows Manhasset Music Lamp MML on a stand.  It provides glare-free full width illuminate- ion, ample clearance of music, and years of trouble free service.  Complete with 40 watt bulb, 8' cord, and baked on black enamel finish.
Weaver's $35.25

Right picture above shows BLS1 versatile music stand lamp that will clip on all makes of stands, regardless of position of the ledge.  Fully adjustable with on-off switch & 8' cord.  Black finish and tube type bulb included.



Music Stand Carring Bags and Tambourines
Carrying Bags for the most popular Folding Music Stands.

B1050 for light duty

Weaver's $ 4.95

MSBAG for 2 section stands.

Weaver's $ 9.75


True Colors Tambourines
Black, White, Blue, Red, and Yellow 10" with double row. 

TC4000 Series

Weaver's $19.95


Tunable Tambourine features laminated hardwood shell with nickel-silver jingles.  Replace- ment head mounts w/ hoop & tension brackets, w/key.

H134T is 10" Double at $31.00 Weaver's $20.95


Prizmatic/Radiant Tambourines by Remo with Multi- reflective patterns on head and shell for visual excitement.  Pretuned heads with acoustic shells.  Available in 8" & 10" with single or double row. 
8" Single  $35.75
8" Double $43.50
10" Single $40.00 Double     $48.50


Perfect Tambourines for Religious Use.  All are available in 8" & 10" W/Double Row.

-Praying Hands
-Gold Cross
-Cross of Glory
-Heavenly Light

8" Size
List $34.75
Weaver's $27.95

10" Size
List $32.75
Weaver's $30.95


Tambourine, Batons, Chromatic Pitchpipes, Piano Tuning Hammer, Tuning Forks                        To Return to Clav./Piano Acc. Page Click Here
Rhythm Tech Tambourines-Very Durable-with double row.  Black Model # is RT1010.
Also available in Red, Yellow, Pink Neon, Green Neon

List Price $44.00 Weaver's $34.00


Fiberglass Batons

Price $7.25

For list of models Click Here


Kratt (Best) Chromatic Pitchpipes W/Selector- not shown.
Also avail. F-F

List $29.40

Economical Chromatic Pitchpipe for Voice C to C
Piano Tuning Hammer

8024 Star Head Hammer $27.95

8025 Square Head Hammer $27.95


Wittner Tuning Forks provide clear tone, longer sound and accurate tining.  Special quality steel, polished and plated.

Model 921A-round prong 4"long $11.00

Model 924A-Square prongs 5"  $18.25



Chromatic Tuners
For Guitar Tuners Click Here
CA30  Korg Ultra-compact, LCD Needle-Style Chromatic Tuners features 
high accuracy and superb functionality. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and marks for pure major thirds and minor thirds, the CA-30 has basic functionality and convenient tuning functions.

For More Details & To Enlarge
Weaver's Price:  $29.95


Harmonicas, Harmonica Holder
Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas-the reeds are tuned to produce the natural notes of the scale with no sharps or flats.  Each hole has a blow and draw reed and most models have 10 holes with the 4 middle holes prividing a complete 8 note octave.
For models stocked & prices Click Here
Diatonic Tremolo Harmonicas have double holes, each contining 2 reeds tuned to the same note, one slightly higher than the other.  Both reeds are either blow or draw, which creates a beautiful, vibrating tremolo effect.

For models stocked & prices Click Here

Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas provide complete 12 octaves with all the sharps and flats.  Each single hole contains four reeds.  All chromatics except the 980 C/G are solo tuned.

For models stocked & prices Click Here

HH10 Harmonica Holder Curved to hang over neck.
Easy on/off.  Allows no
hands playing.  Adjustable.
Nickel plated steel.

List $12.95  Weavers $10.95


Maracas, Recorders
MMAR Large Tri-Colored 

Weaver's Price $16.95

Recorders by Lauren

Lauren Soprano Recorders-many colors $5.00

List $9.49 Weaver's $7.95