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If you have any questions Weaver's Music can be contacted by phone at 847-741-8418 or by email.

Pacific Trends Piano Lamps
On left Model PT1051 with
two tubular 40 watt Bulbs Included.
Adjustable to put the light where
you want it.  Weaver's $152.00
On right Model PT1001 with 40
watt tubular bulb included.
Adjustable.  Weaver's $95.99
House or Troy Model P10-101-B
10" Polished Brass/Black Marble Piano Lamp that looks great and with two 40 watt tubular bulbs (not included but available) provides plenty of light for your music.  A piano lamp with lots of quality.
List $166.00 Weaver's $138.00
House of Troy Model PS10-190-M Polished Brass/Black Marble Grand Piano Lamp including bulb.  This lamp is designed to fit on a Grand Piano and its adjustable arm will put the light over the music where it belongs.  One of the best we have seen and the quality is excellent.

List Price $325.50  Weaver's $272.00

House of Troy Model P14-D01
14" Digital Piano Polished Brass/ Black Marble Lamp-No Bulbs
included but available.  This lamp fits on most digital pianos due to a 
small but heavy Slim line base.  It is the only one we have found that is
designed with the digital piano in mind.  Great Quality!

List $187.00  Weaver's $155.00

House or Troy Model GPXL-617
22" Width Black/Brass Slim line Grand Piano
Lamp including Bulb.  Clips on music rack
of Grand Piano and spreads ample light across
your pages of music. 

List $320.00
Weaver's $267.00

The model CC locking padded cover will protect your digital piano and keep unwanted hands off.  It is by Noteworthy Productions and will fit all brands and models of digitals (that we know about) and is priced at $239.00. See the DigiDolly (on the right side) for our phone number and email address. The DigiDolly by Noteworthy Productions lets you put wheels on your Digital Piano.  It is priced at $399.00 and fits most Brands & Models of Digital Pianos (Clavinovas too).  Other Noteworthy Dollies fit almost all the rest.  Custom designed to fit digital pianos, prices on other Noteworthy Dollies can depend on  which brand and model you have.  Contact Weaver's Music at 847-741-8418 or email us and we will email you back with the model you need and shipping in- formation.  Weaver's Music does accept credit cards.
GRK Model 46 economy piano (19"
tall) or organ (22" tall) bench.  Has Music storage and 25" padded top.  Shown is Ebony finish with black padded top.  Also available in Dark Walnut W/Dark Brown padded top or Medium Walnut W/ Med. Brown padded top.  Legs are square tapered and wood tops are not available on this model bench.

List $122.00 Weaver's $99.00

GRK Model 70R basic piano bench shown in Dark Walnut with Dark Brown 30" padded top.  This model has music storage and round legs.  It is available in many of the finishes shown below. There are also many other furniture styles avail- able in different models.  Wood tops are available for additional $4.00.  Call or email Weaver's for details.  Our Phone/ email address is on our Merchandise Page or Home Page above.  Top

List $250.00  Weaver's $208.00

GRK Model 70S basic piano bench shown in Medium Walnut with unpadded 30" top.  Padded Tops are available as are many of the finishes shown below.  There are also many other furniture styles available in different models.  Legs are square tapered.  Call or email Weaver's for details.  Our Phone/ email address is on our Merchandise Page or Home Page above.  Top
Padded tops available for $4.00 less.

List $210.00 Weaver's $175.00


 Price $13.35
Price $10.00